Omnimedics LVAD LIS tools

Less Invasive Surgical approach with HeartMate 3TM LVAD

This new generation of LVAD system allows for multiple variations in implant approach. Operative accuracy and safety during less invasive surgery are important factors in the success of any implant.

Apical coring knife holder


  • There are potential difficulties in manipulation due to the depth of the heart within the pericardium.
  • This apical coring knife holder extends the length of the tool and allows the surgeon to remain in control during the entire coring maneuver.
  • During the coring of the apex, visualization of the heart and coring site are improved, leading to increased surgical comfort for a stable incision.
Apical coring knife HolderApical coring knife Holder

Netuka’s surgical clamps


  • With a minimal incision there are potential difficulties with the insertion of a blood pump and the locking of the apical cuff.
  • Netuka‘s surgical clamp:
    • Allows for safe and easy manipulation of the pump in a small incision including locking or unlocking the pump and repositioning the pump with a minimal incision. This can be done with a minimal risk of local tissue injury.
    • Can be reattached to a connected blood pump allowing for repositioning.
    • Allows for unlocking of pump using the HeartMate 3TM LVAD unlock tool.
Neuka’s surgical clampsNeuka’s surgical clampsNeuka’s surgical clamps

Outflow graft bend relief attachment clamps


  • With 8 cm incision, there are potential difficulties with the attachment of the bend relief to the outflow cannula.
  • Outflow cannula clamps:
    • Allows safe and easy fixation of the outflow cannula with a pump in position during the connection of a bend relief, whilst preventing damage to the apical cuff sutures or applied glue.
    • Allows the disconnection of the bend relief using HeartMate 3TM LVAD Outflow Pliers.
Outflow graft bend relief attachment clampsOutflow graft bend relief attachment clamps

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